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Over 270 newly recorder voices!

Sample Voice

All the included Illustrations are newly drawn! 30 gorgeous illustrations! Various cosplay costumes made by Mayuri,check if they look good on Kurisu Makise!
[It can't be helped, only for today ok?] You can sleep with Kurisu Makise if you use the Sleep Mode!



You can set up to 10 Alarms.
Create your original Alarms by setting your favorite illustration and three favorite voice lines for each Alarm.
It's also possible to set all the voices and illustrations randomly.

You can of course change the Alarm's name and put a 5 minute snooze.

Alarm ScreenTop Screen


You can collect a stamp once a day by getting up at the set time.

Every time you acquire 5 new stamps, you will unlock a new illustration!
There are 6 different locked illustrations.



Unlocked Illustrations and Voice Lines can be accessed at any time! Collect them all…

Album Screen


It's a lot easier to prepare a Cup Ramen with this function! The Timer Function can be set every minute. You can also set your favorite voices. There's even a special one!

Timer Screen

Top Screen

Let's set your favorite Kurisu Makise as your wallpaper!
By tapping, Kurisu Makise will talk to you randomly!

Top Screen


You can get the Sleep Mode and the Memory Selection! There' also an All-in Package available.

Shop Screen

※The screenshots are work in progress.

Additional content

Sleep Mode

You can sleep with Kurisu Makise by activating the Sleep Mode.
An original scenario with specific voice lines including sleeping sounds were recorded for this function, so that you can expeience realistically sleeping together.

Enjoy getting sleepy while listening to Kurisu's voice!

※Feature unlocked by purchasing the Sleep Mode.

1 Exclusive Illustration.10 Exclusive Voices.

1 Exclusive Illustration.10 Exclusive Voices.

Sample Voice

Memory Selection

A package that includes various situations were Kuris Makise cosplays and new original voices!

※A separat purchase is required.

・8 newly drawn illustrations.40 newly recorded voices.

・8 newly drawn illustrations.40 newly recorded voices.

Sample Voice

Collect all the 30 Illustrations and then… what!? Collect all the 30 Illustrations and then… what!?

Steins;Gateアラーム 時限調和のタイムピース

Supported OS:iOS/Android
Genre:Multi-function Alarm App
Release Date:Fall 2018
※Additional in App purchases available.
※The content are suject to change without prior notice.

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